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As I wanted, finally started to work at new pencil illustration. Love her hair <3

4H and mechanical B pencils.

Sorry for long update, today continued to work ^^ Some more cloth details and net.  Now to her skirt! XD

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Lineart process recorded

Many ppl asked how i do hairs, well, like this xD Its too bad the quality is still low, i tried to record it with higher quality, maybe my video editing software mass it up…  mean its bad because you guys cant really see the brushes, its not really helpful this way :/

Basically the thing is to use normal layer instead of linework layer, and dont try to work with small strokes, the more dynamic your hand is the better, i think. Also its good if your pen is super sensitive so you can go with the same size brush almost all the way, only changing line’s wide with your pressure. 

Very interesting to see other artists work, so patient and accurate lines *_* Omg!

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Who got new awesome postcards? We did!
And in this regard we want to organize a little lottery!
There will be 1 winner who will receive set of our new 4 postcards *shipping is free*

How to participate?
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The winner will be announced on 21 of July.
Thank you for your support! <3

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UPD2: Finish it!^^ Original available for sale here

UPD: Steps of this work, I use black ink with watercolors and salt for effect.
I needed to add white highlights and drawing is finished^^

Sketch for next watercolor illustration, after watching the movie Maleficent <3 

Do you think that Maleficent and Diaval could become a beautiful couple?

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Anonymous asked: why her hair is blue? It will look more like Maleficent if you make it darker...

Obviously it is stylisation, because I wanted to play with color scheme here ^^